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Signposting for your cafe

If your cafe is a little of the beaten track, it can be hard to attract walk-in customers. However, rather than thinking of the location you are in as a roadblock, think of it as an opportunity. You are a hidden gem that people will discover and tell their friends about. You are a hideaway from the drag of day-to-day life. In order to spread the word, you need to have some great signs around the place, not just big billboards, but quirky signs that people remember and want to follow. Come inside and learn about signposting your cafe, your way.

3 Essential Tips For Purchasing Acrylic Sheeting For Your Renovation

If you are interested in incorporating glass panes into your building during renovations, you should consider the benefits of using acrylic sheeting. Acrylic sheets such as Perspex are shatter-resistant, unlike glass. Therefore, you will ensure a higher level of safety in case of intentional or accidental impact. Also, acrylic sheets are lightweight and easy to handle and install. Additionally, the material is long-lasting and resistant to weather damage. However, you will only maximise the advantages by making the best choices when purchasing your acrylic glass. Here are some essential tips for getting the best results during your renovation project.

Think About Sizing Issues

When choosing your acrylic sheets, opt for cut-to-size products such as cut-to-size perspex sheeting. Cutting or trimming the material is not complex, but the right skills and experience are necessary for good results. If you do not handle the sheets correctly, the risk of damaging the aesthetics will be high. For instance, the surfaces could sustain scratches while sawing, or the cuts could be uneven. You can avoid the challenges and subsequent losses by purchasing your sheets in the precise dimensions you will use in your building. Check the standard glass sizes offered by your supplier or discuss customisation options.

Evaluate Structural Resilience

Acrylic sheeting is available in different thicknesses to match diverse applications. Thin panes are ideal for aesthetic uses during renovations, while thick sheets have functional applications in buildings when used as windows, barriers or even furniture elements. Structural resilience is critical if the sheeting might be exposed to pressure, weight or impact. Therefore, thicker sheets will ensure resistance to damage. However, these sturdy products are harder to fabricate, so the purchase price will be higher. Make sure to find the appropriate balance between performance and cost to maximise the benefits of using acrylic instead of traditional glass.

Consider Appearance

The appearance of your acrylic sheeting is an important factor during residential and commercial renovations. Therefore, check the options for different aesthetics before purchasing. If you are looking for a simple alternative to basic glass, choose clear sheets to match the minimalistic appeal of traditional panes. However, you can acquire interesting products according to your preference or the intended use. For example, if you will use the sheets as windows or door panes but require some degree of privacy, purchase frosted or translucent products. Other suitable options to create a unique appeal for your project include coloured, tinted and even mirrored materials. Finally, discuss the features you would like incorporated into your acrylic sheets, such as drilled holes.