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Signposting for your cafe

If your cafe is a little of the beaten track, it can be hard to attract walk-in customers. However, rather than thinking of the location you are in as a roadblock, think of it as an opportunity. You are a hidden gem that people will discover and tell their friends about. You are a hideaway from the drag of day-to-day life. In order to spread the word, you need to have some great signs around the place, not just big billboards, but quirky signs that people remember and want to follow. Come inside and learn about signposting your cafe, your way.

Cleaning Car Wraps: Three Questions You Need Answered After Fitting Them on Your Car

Today, car signage is one of the most common ways of letting people know about your company and products. Car signage using wraps is relatively effective compared to other forms of stationery signage considering that a vehicle moves from one place to another. It allows you to reach more people in your marketing bid. Wraps are also an efficient and cost-effective mechanism of marketing during corporate gatherings and shows. Ideally, you want to keep your vinyl car wrap looking new and clean at all times. Read More