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Signposting for your cafe

If your cafe is a little of the beaten track, it can be hard to attract walk-in customers. However, rather than thinking of the location you are in as a roadblock, think of it as an opportunity. You are a hidden gem that people will discover and tell their friends about. You are a hideaway from the drag of day-to-day life. In order to spread the word, you need to have some great signs around the place, not just big billboards, but quirky signs that people remember and want to follow. Come inside and learn about signposting your cafe, your way.

2 Times When You Need Illuminated Signage

There are many reasons why you might need illuminated signage. Perhaps you're a retailer who wants to attract customers after dark. Or maybe you're an event planner who needs signage that will be visible in the evening. Whatever your needs, illuminated signage can help you achieve your goals. This article explores situations where illuminated signage can be a valuable asset. When You Want to Highlight a Special Event  When planning a special event, illuminated signage can be a great way to attract attention. Read More 

3 Essential Tips For Purchasing Acrylic Sheeting For Your Renovation

If you are interested in incorporating glass panes into your building during renovations, you should consider the benefits of using acrylic sheeting. Acrylic sheets such as Perspex are shatter-resistant, unlike glass. Therefore, you will ensure a higher level of safety in case of intentional or accidental impact. Also, acrylic sheets are lightweight and easy to handle and install. Additionally, the material is long-lasting and resistant to weather damage. However, you will only maximise the advantages by making the best choices when purchasing your acrylic glass. Read More 

Where Do You Need Braille Signs In The Workplace?

Braille signs need to be installed in a variety of locations in the workplace. The first step is determining where identical signs are needed, then deciding what type of sign is needed, and finally selecting the best mounting option for the location.  In the workplace, braille signs are necessary to identify rooms and facilitate wayfinding for employees with visual impairments. It is important to note that doors should be installed with both raised lettering and braille so that employees will know the room name and function. Read More 

Top Reasons To Choose a Business That Offers Laser Engraving When Having Engraving Done

If you like to have personalised items when possible, then you might be interested in having something engraved. For example, you might be interested in having engraving done on a gift that you have purchased for someone. If so, you could be wondering about what you should look for when you're looking for a shop that offers engraving services. If possible, you will probably want to find a shop that uses laser engraving equipment when providing engraving services for customers. Read More 

3 Reasons to Use Stainless Steel Switchboard Engraving

While you can use plastic signage on your switchboards, you can also use stainless steel products as an alternative. What are the advantages of using steel signs rather than plastic ones? 1. Get Better Substance Resistance If your switchboards sit in an industrial environment, then they, and their signs, might be exposed to different substances and materials. This can affect the signage you attach to the switchboards. For example, if plastic signs come into contact with acids, chemicals or solvents, then the signs might suffer from some damage. Read More